Routes on Devil's Punch Bowl

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We like Devil's Punch Bowl

I grew up 15minutes from here. Once I fell in love with climbing I searched hard for nearby climbing, and this is where I found. There are a handful of bolted sport routes, that are really hard to find. Ask the ranger for a map that at least leads you in the right direction. Finding the climbs are half the battle, as well as living through many snakes and mountain lions around. The rock is unique in that it seems like it is a giant cookie that has been crumbled apart. In other words,there are many small rocks that make up the wall. Therefore, there is no real route, and therefore no real difficulty grade. There are however many surprisingly high walls, with routes that vary from 5.5 to 5.13 (again, they change constanly due to rock re-formation)Beware of loose rocks, as there are many, and try not to fall, because who knows how those bolts were placed. But hey, if you are in need for climbing, and are down to tackle some elements, the Devil's Punch Bowl is a nice hot place to check out. The devil may punch you in the face.

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