Routes on Dairy Farm

28 sport 4 trad 32 boulder

We like Dairy Farm

DF in short, a very popular climbing area located central part of Singapore. Consist of both bolted and trad climbs. Lots of loose rock. The rocks are smooth granite from blasting, this used to be a quarry area more than a decade ago

Activities on this crag

Dairy Farm

The area is access sensitive!

It is a gentle 10 minutes walk from Hillview MRT (Downtown line)
Bus services are 67, 75, 170, 178, 184, 961, 961M, 973.
Alight at bus stop, Hillview Stn Exit A or B.
If you are driving, park at Dairy Farm Road Carpark A.

From Hillview MRT Station Exit A, walk straight forward past the bus stop till you see a intersection. Do not cross it, just follow the same pavement, turn right and walk straight ahead. Keep walking past another bus stop and till you reach a yellow coloured gate. Turn right into it and go straight ahead all the way till you see an open area with a nice view of the cliffs. The cliffs are for high wall, refer to map. There will be a intersection for cyclists to ride to Dairy Farm Quarry, so try to keep left when you see them.

*After following the directions above
In the open area in view of the cliffs, keep going straight following the path filled with rocks and dirt. The start of the mountain bike trail is when it goes into the forest with a sign beside it “No hiking on the mountain bike trail”
Try to walk fast and stay on the side if any mountain bikers are passing by. Keep following the path till you see an exact sign on the entrance of the mountain bike trail. On the left of the sign you will see a path with a log and step-able rocks which will lead to the bouldering area after you exit out from the trail.

Dairy Farm is open to the public and is a nature reserve under the government organisation of NParks. It isn’t a authorised place for climbing by the authorities but its barely (or never) enforced by NParks.

Since it’s under NParks, here are some rules you should know about.
1) Keep noise levels down for park goers to enjoy the peaceful silent of nature
2) Smoking is prohibited in the nature reserve
3) Dispose waste in a proper manner
4) Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs
5) Maintain a distance away from wildlife
6) Respect the eco system (not feeding the monkeys)
7) Observe the opening and closing time
8) Do not bring dogs to nature reserve as its known to scent mark places they visit thus affecting the movement of native animals.
For more information of the rules, please visit NParks website for Do’s and Don’ts