This topo covers two nice limestone crags which are within a walking distance from each other: Croz de le Niere and Col del Frate.

Croz de le Niere is consisted from few different crags with different styles and is one of the most popular ones in the area. La Formica and Lavarda crags are just next to the parking so it's a great option if you want to maximise your climbing time. Also the other ones are not far away. The routes are mostly on the easier side (below 6c) but there's some harder routes too.

Routes on Col del Frate are located in two sectors and the with approximately 60 routes especially in 6th and 7th grade. The Col del Frate sector with 2-pitch routes offers great technical lines on vertical wall and the overhanging sector on the other side of the crag has short, overhanging and powerful hard routes.Col de la Vecia doesn't have very good rock quality so attention and helmets are recommended.

Both sectors are located in a beautiful setting next to and in a forest. Some of the sectors are shaded in the forest and some are in the sun.


The routes in these crags are equipped by multiple people including G. Canale, F. Cavallaro, M. Faletti, D. Feller, A. Mazzoni, G. Leonardi, G, Leonardi, S. Salveterra and others.

The beautiful wooden sculptures found on the wall and around the paths in the forest are made by Gianluigi and Giovanni Leonardi. Even if you don't climb in the further sectors it's worth having a walk to go look at them!