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46 boulder

We like Chiomonte

Jeeeebuz, if you like to crimp this is the place for you!
Awesome climbing. Too bad about the military.

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

First of all you will need to talk to the Carabinieri (military police) behind the gates where you park your car. Preferably you should speak Italian and explain to them that you would like to climb at the picnic area and that you will hike there on the path through the wine yard. They will ask you for your passport and write it down in a book. Then what happens is that they will call the military that is guarding the area via intercom radios and ask for permission for you to move about in the area. Sometimes they will want to check your bags/car. The procedure takes about 15-25 minutes depending on the time they want to make you wait. When permission is granted you will get your passports back and you can start your hike on the path next to the parking spot. To get to the boulder area just follow the green spray marks along the path, leading you through the wine yards and past a couple of gates. Don't worry, as long as you keep track of the green markers you are all set and will eventually make it to the boulders (impossible to miss them). The military will be suspicious about what you are doing and sometimes they might ask you for your papers so don't leave them in the car! (The reason for this highly defended boulder area is that there is a local dispute regarding the building of a railway track through the area which has escalated into riots (sic!))