The Dreamcatcher Traverse (stand-start) thumbnail
The Dreamcatcher Traverse (sit-start) thumbnail
Dreamcatcher thumbnail
6A Boulder at Cala Grande
La Licorne thumbnail
La Licorne
6A Boulder at La Licorne
Sculpture #1 thumbnail
Sculpture #1
6B Boulder at Cala Grande
Le Naufragé du A thumbnail
Beachside Arete thumbnail
Beachside Left thumbnail
Beachside Left
4+ Boulder at Cala Grande
Beachside Flake thumbnail
Beachside Traverse thumbnail
The Disgraceful Chimney thumbnail
The Graceless Chimney thumbnail
The Crow (Suggested Name) thumbnail
The Sparrow thumbnail
The Sparrow
4+ Boulder at The Crow
Charlie's Arete thumbnail
Charlie's Rambling thumbnail
Jades Fault thumbnail
Jades Fault
6A+ Boulder at Jade's Fault
Jades Fault Low thumbnail
Gibson's Saunter thumbnail
No topo image available
Cuero flex
7A+ Boulder
Dreamcatcher traverse (sit start, mantel finish) thumbnail
The orange one (right) thumbnail
The orange one (left) thumbnail
The orange one (center) thumbnail
The orange one (right) straight up thumbnail
Polish playboy thumbnail
Polish playboy
5+ Boulder at Cala Grande
One ticket to Poland thumbnail
Chocolate hippie girl thumbnail