The Arch, 8B
Added by Alexandra Kahn
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Mad Boulder 4 months ago.
04:37 - The Arch
Mr. Topishko 7 months ago.

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Martin Mobråten
Red point
Michele Caminati
Red point
Definitely a lowball, but water makes it nice. Not sure about grade, seems easier than other 8b's but you still have to fight at the end.
Jesse Bonin
Red point
So hard for me. Took 16 days of everything I had. The moves on this one are very cool.
Paul Robinson
Red point
cool climb but low to the ground.
James Webb
Red point
Frederic Driever
Red point
Aww man. Sooo stoked!! Surreal line & rock formation!!! Simply breathtaking. Took me a total of 14 tries spread over 8 sometimes quite short sessions due to the skin! (The boulder contains a fuckin' sharp crimp that gave me hell!!!) Injured my leg at the top part on the first day, forcing me to employ a wicked, low-percentage beta for the 2nd crux. Wasn't until the 6th session (DAMN) that I finally discovered a method which lead to success... Consumed a large part of the trip cause I always had to rest at least 2 days to get my skin back into shape. The hardest but especially the most challenging & demanding problem I did so far!

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