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Access info missing

Crag is missing access information, so remember that climbing is not always permitted. When parking, remember to leave unobstructed way for local habitants and agricultural machinery. Do not litter or make unnecessarily loud noises when at the cliff. Making fire is allowed only with a permit! Read more

We like Bokwang(보광암)

This area is between Kumkang park and Dormitory area. You can Find the sign Hokuksa(호국사) opposite side of nr.203 Bus station, Rear gate of PNU (부산대 후문). Walk up 200m the concrete road toward Hokuksa, then you can see first small temple Bokwang Am (보광암) 300m before the Hokuksa temple (호국사) You can park in front of Bokwang Am. Find the small stream left side of the temple. you can find first boulder Azalea(진달래 볼더)just behind the temple. Then, you can find other good stuffs around there. Especially,You can try stunning boulder 'Lonely Sound' in front of Hokuksa temple(호국사). Please keep these. 1.Pack out your trash 2.Don’t have fires 3.Poop in toilets? Yes, like normal people go to a latrine and enjoy being comfortable. 4.Keep carm to avoid disturbing Monks' ascetic practice.

Activities on this crag