Climbing has been limited!

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Climbing is allowed all year but one small exception. The right part of "Püttlacher Wand" is closed due to bird breeding from 1st of February till 30th of June (Routes "Verklebte Augen" - "Rührei mit Speck").
The lawn in front of the sector "Bärenschlucht" is private property of the camping. Please don't trespass if you are not staying at the campground.

The Area is located around the Camping ground "Bärenschlucht" in the Püttlach Valley between Ebermannstadt/Behringersmühle and Pottenstein. Drive St2685 from Behringersmühle to Pottenstein. Turn left 2.3 km after Tüchersfeld towards Weidmannsgesees and park immediately to your right across the camping entry.

"Bärenschlucht Subway":
Walk up the street towards Weidmannsgesees for 100 meter. The Sector is directly next to the street to your left.

Walk up the street towards Weidmannsgesees for a few more meters and turn right where the barrier is. Follow the path next to the bushes. The first Routes are immediately to your left. Go ahead if you are going for the back sectors. There's a path directly next to the crag, as well.

The other sectors are located across the main road. Go back to the street and follow this one towards Pottenstein (left) for about 50 meter and cross the street to get on to the hiking path. Go left, parallel to the street towards Pottenstein and you will pass the sectors "Weidenerwand" and Tockauerwand. Turn right towards Tüchersfeld and follow the hiking path to get to the sectors "Erinnerungswand", "Püttlachkamin", "Teufelskrallentuem", "FRankenjoggerturm", "Piazwand" and "Püttlacher Wand".