Asubone Crag, located in Asubone, north of Nkawkaw, sits next to the Volta Lake in a remote village in central Ghana. The rock type is compact sandstone and climbing is very pleasant due to cooler conditions than in the South, in addition to the beautiful landscape of the lake and baobab trees.

Litter in the Asubone village is a problem, it would be helpful if climbers who visit the village and the crag make an effort to pick up some litter during their time there.

Asubone is a beautiful and expansive crag with multiple areas where development of untapped boulders and sport climbing is infinitely possible.


Asubone is still largely untapped, despite the volume of boulders and large walls easily accessible from the village. The rocks have not been seen as anything special by locals unlike other spots in Nkawkaw, such as the Bruku rock which is seen as sacred. Currently in Asabone there are a few bolts of which the history is largely unknown apart from the fact that a man named Nathan was responsible for their placing. There are four top rope anchors and three fully bolted lines. Beyond this the area is undeveloped but with unbelievable potential for climbing.

Kwame from Let’s Tour Kwahu is very knowledgeable on the area and accessing it from the larger town of Kwahu. Kwame offers lodgings for visitors and will help to organise and accompany in transport to Asabone. He is invested in the community wellbeing in Kwahu and the surrounding area, and is working with a girl’s school to help improve young girls’ prospects in Kwahu. You can contact Kwame for more information on accommodation, climbing, and the area at There is a potential to for climbing at Asabone to empower the people of the Kwahu community and the surrounding area.

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