No special access issues

A BaNanna Park membership is a membership under NKK with a few restrictions compared to the normal membership. Before you purchase a membership you must acquaint yourself with the membership terms and conditions, but here are a few important bullets.

A BaNanna Park membership only grants access to the BaNanna Park wall - not to the bouldering facilities in Nørrebrohallen.
A BaNanna Park membership is not limited by the maximum capacity that has been placed on NKK..
A BaNanna Park membership is personal, so get one for you and your climbing buddy.
Once you purchase the membership you get access to the code that will allow you to unlock the tarp at the wall, so you can open and close the wall on your own. The code will be changed a few times a year and will be sent to all NKK and BaNanna Park members on their email adress registered to Klubmodul. It is also always available on the webpage on a member-only site.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email