Aretén (Proj) thumbnail
Mega projekt thumbnail
Tungt Projekt thumbnail
Tungt Projekt
? Boulder at Tufataket
Projekt thumbnail
? Boulder at Tufataket
Arkeologen thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Tufataket
Stingrockan thumbnail
5 Boulder at Stingrockan
Dödshålet thumbnail
5 Boulder at Stingrockan
Den stående hönan thumbnail
Den stående hönan (höger) thumbnail
Forntidstraversen thumbnail
Den liggande hönan (Projekt) thumbnail
Neandertalsskutt thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Stingrockan
Hylla Häl thumbnail
Hylla Häl
3+ Boulder at Stingrockan
Som hon led thumbnail
Som hon led
4+ Boulder at Som hon led
Mind The Gap thumbnail
Mind The Gap
3+ Boulder at Mind The Gap
You Crack Me Up thumbnail
Grottmannen thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Skuggblocket
Paleopower thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Skuggblocket
Njut en minut thumbnail
Njut en minut
5+ Boulder at Som hon led
Säljakt thumbnail
4 Boulder at Areterna
Som hon led (sitt) thumbnail
Neandertalstravers thumbnail
Fornfynd thumbnail

The area is access sensitive!

Avoid climbing on the stone that sits on three small stones (the flying stone), leave no tick marks and keep the site clean. This is important if we want to keep the access.