There is only two spots with this rock quality in Jyväskylä. The other one has no topos so you are left with this one. 28.7 is not a bad option and it is a local classic venue! Considered by many to be the best bouldering area in Jyväskylä. Well it's the best in Kuukanpää at least!

28.7 can stay damp for a long time after rain. Some problems like Kuhanjulma and Elämäni savotta have big ponds of water underneath for a very long time in the spring/early summer. So they are best done in summer or autumn. On the other blocks under power line dry very quickly and are worth checking out if problems in the forest are damp.

Worthwhile climbs:

Fyysikko 8B, a classic Tomi Nytorp slouper traverse.
Hips Don't Lie 8A, visiting climber Sami Roimppainen got to first ascent on this masterpiece.
Unelma 7C, a classic slab-mantel f.a by Heko Pöyry.
Jojo 7B+, the other arête... f.a by Anton Johansson (editorial note: might actually be 7C+) seen only 3 repeats so far.
Dementia 7B+, feels impossible at first but when you unlock te sequence it's easy. F.a by Mika Hinkkanen.
Pub Anton 7B, this is SUBERB! Again Anton Johansson.
Harmonia Assis 7A+, really good technical climbing. F.a by Jyrki Kauko.
Kuhanjulma 7A, this is the reason you came here right? One of the best arêtes in Finland! F.a by legend Juha Saatsi!
Vanha liitto 7A, the other sloper traverse. F.a by Marko Kauko.
Sirdalud 6C+, a difficult mantel. F.a Marko Kauko.
Orudis 6C, one of the higher boulders in the area. F.a Marko Kauko.
Persanal Trainer 6C. Markku Tawast.
Pelle de la natur(e, actually) 6B+, easy (well not that easy) version of Unelma! F.a Jyrki Kauko.
Elämäni savotta 6B, this will surprise you! Or then you just have bad technique and can't do it at all... F.a by non other than DR. Tomi Guttorm.
Le toit de 28.7 6A. Something for timid climbers. F.a Jyrki Kauko
Dalle de la quepe 5. Mantel at the top might make you think twice. F.a Jyrki or Marko Kauko

If you do first ascents, eleminates or stupid versions will not be published!


28.7.2001 was the finding date of this area. So the name comes from the date and not form the hight like it's counter partner 95.2 in Fontainebleau.

We drove past this place many times when going to Halsvuori always pondering how big the rocks are. Back then you could still see the rocks from the old road. One day we decided to go check it out an it was love at first sight!


The area is access sensitive!

Updated parking info at the end!

The path to 28.7 begins at the end of the road, BEHIND a small red cabin/gazebo. Should be obvious but don't walk on the fields!

The gazebo is private property and must not be used!

From Jyväskylä drive north on E75. At Tikkakoski junction turn right torwards Laukaa. After 5,5km turn right on Soimarinteentie. After 450m park on left on a little road. Don't block the whole road. There is a space for two cars. Avoid driving further!