Route Grade Type Crag Rating Added
7C Boulder at SkinWalker
by far the best line i have ever found, cleaned and so far the one i have worked the day!
7C Boulder SkinWalker
Poached boulder
6B+ Boulder at Poached Boulders
kinda tall for me with a insicure last move that i just need to man up and do!!!
6B+ Boulder Poached Boulders 2013-05-02
A stone less traveled
7A Boulder at Iron Mountain
powerful moves lead to extreme top out!!
7A Boulder Iron Mountain 2013-05-15
A.I. project
? Boulder at Iron Mountain
very steep overhang full span compression for 16ft, then another 7.5ft technical moves?
? Boulder Iron Mountain 2013-05-15
7B Boulder at Land Before Time
another Austen Andersen problem i need to repeat!
7B Boulder Land Before Time 2013-05-15
No name yet
7A Boulder at Moccasin Area
another Austen Andersen problem i need to repeat!
7A Boulder Moccasin Area 2013-05-15
Austens Arete
7A Boulder at Pleasure Valley
want to do but the top out mantle is so scary!!
7A Boulder Pleasure Valley 2013-05-15
Davey Challenge
7B Boulder at The Bowels
got super close!! i finally believe i can send this thing...deff harder than the other v7s i have done, still no word on the grade..
7B Boulder The Bowels 2013-05-15
Kill By Numbers
6C+ Boulder at Left Fork
ran out of juice on the mantle
6C+ Boulder Left Fork
Kelly's Arete
6C+ Boulder at Left Fork
with one pad at the end of the day i couldnt commit to the top time
6C+ Boulder Left Fork
7B Boulder at New Joe's
kept falling off the lip, i still think solid v5
7B Boulder New Joe's
White Rastafarian
6A+ Boulder at Hidden Valley
pussed out, next time if i ever go back
6A+ Boulder Hidden Valley
Traverse project
7B Boulder at Upper Pine Creek
it will be good
7B Boulder Upper Pine Creek 2013-07-02
6C+ Boulder at SkinWalker
next time
6C+ Boulder SkinWalker
7B+ Boulder at Turtle Rock Boulders
got so close yet again, need to have more courage!
7B+ Boulder Turtle Rock Boulders
Kansas city shuffle proj
7A+ Boulder at Davis Face
all the moves are linked, just need to do it! maybe 7? or just long sustained 6...
7A+ Boulder Davis Face 2015-06-07