Ponte Brolla

Weather forecast and long-term statistics for Ponte Brolla in the area of Ticino, Switzerland

Current Conditions
Wsymbol 0033 cloudy with light rain night
· less than a minute ago ·
Temperature: 4°C
Humidity: 100 %
Wind: 11 kph from ENE
Wsymbol 0017 cloudy with light rain
High: 12°C
Low: 6°C
Precip: 12.6 mm
Wind: 5 kph NNE
Wsymbol 0002 sunny intervals
High: 14°C
Low: 2°C
Precip: 3.2 mm
Wind: 17 kph N
Wsymbol 0017 cloudy with light rain
High: 10°C
Low: 2°C
Precip: 7.3 mm
Wind: 13 kph SE
Wsymbol 0009 light rain showers
High: 13°C
Low: 5°C
Precip: 4.2 mm
Wind: 9 kph S
This weather forecast was provided by World Weather Online less than a minute ago.

Average daily temperatures per month

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Average total precipitation per month

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Temperature and precipitation statistics have been collected 21 km NE of Ponte Brolla near Lodrino, Switzerland.
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