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Indian Secret Garden Sit-Start (Direct), V13
sit start
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Lorenz Ulmer about 3 years ago.

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Griffin Whiteside
Red point
I'm not sure how hard this is supposed to be. While it is slightly easier than the regular climb, this still feels in the V13 range to me. For sure harder than the other 12's and 13's in the area that I have been on. Amazing roof, seems to climb like a route. I wiffed at the finish jug 7 times before doing it. I feel like I just got the fitness for the regular one but now we are off to Font, oh well!
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Ilari Kelloniemi
Red point
Nice variation with more powerfull finnish. Couldnt get the toehooks to stick on the original.. Could be a bit easier not sure.
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Anthony Gullsten
Red point
After a little bit of beta testing it went quite fast. Felt harder than other 8A+ here.
Small 54f238cc0b99
Lorenz Ulmer
Red point
Psyched! Power endurance, took me two sessions to execute! For me the Direct line is much more logical than the left variation. Regarding the grade it might be in the low end of 8B, but harder than 8A+ seems reasonable.
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Miguel Navarro
Red point
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Vadim Timonov
Red point

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