Gill Boulder
  1. Horan Face, Boulder, V6
  2. 606, Boulder, V10, beta

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

North Dihedral, Boulder, V1
Northeast Corner, Boulder, V0
Southeast Corner, Boulder, V4
#2, Boulder, V2
South Face, Boulder, V4

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Bastille Crack, Traditional, 5.8
The Honeymilker, Boulder, V11
Midnight Frightning, Boulder, V10
Elegant Universe
, Boulder, V10
Want Egg, Boulder, V10
, Boulder, V11
DG Highball, Boulder, V11
Resonated, Boulder, V9
Elegant Infinite
, Boulder, V9
Here Come Sickness, Boulder, V8
Bullet Hole, Boulder, V7
Germ Free Adolescence
, Boulder, V5
Your Mother, Sport, 5.12d
Sequential, Traditional, 5.12a
The Naked Edge, Traditional, 5.11c
Never Say Never , Boulder, V11
The Web, Sport, 5.13b
The Monument, Sport, 5.13a
Honey Maroon Overhang, Boulder, V8
Elegant Traverse, Boulder, V5
The Eighth, Boulder, V10 (Soft)
The Hiest, Boulder, V12
The Infinite , Boulder, V9
Pig Dog Direct, Boulder, V8
Chaingang, Boulder, V7
Ruper, Traditional, 5.10a
The Yellow Spur, Traditional, 5.10b
Gambit, Traditional, 5.9
Allosaur, Traditional, 5.10a
Initial Route, Traditional, 5.9
Icarus, Traditional, 5.6
Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Sport, 5.11c
Rewritten, Traditional, 5.7
Tigger Direct, Traditional, 5.8
The Bulge, Traditional, 5.7
Calypso, Traditional, 5.6
Reggae, Traditional, 5.8
Long John Wall, Traditional, 5.9
Northcutt Start, Traditional, 5.10d
Break on Through, Traditional, 5.10b
The Unsaid, Traditional, 5.10a
Lunar Lander, Traditional, 5.9
Green Spur, Traditional, 5.10a
Lunar Avenue, Traditional, 5.10a
Sister Morphine, Traditional, 5.10a
Xanadu, Traditional, 5.10a
Swanson's Arete, Traditional, 5.6
Wind Ridge, Traditional, 5.8
White Lightning, Traditional, 5.10a
The West Buttress, Traditional, 5.10a
Rosy Crusifixion, Traditional, 5.10b
Peanuts, Traditional, 5.10a
Star Wars, Traditional, 5.8
Trouble and Strife, Boulder, V3
Duh Dihedral, Traditional, 5.6
Fine Line, Traditional, 5.10a
Prince of Darkness, Partially bolted, 5.11b
Morning thunder, Traditional, 5.10a
Handcracker Direct, Traditional, 5.10a
Chianti, Traditional, 5.8
Over the Hill, Traditional, 5.10b
Over and Out, Traditional, 5.9
Emerald City, Traditional, 5.10a
Verschniedung Dihedral, Traditional, 5.7
Werk Supp, Traditional, 5.9
March of Dimes, Traditional, 5.10c
Breakfast in Bed, Traditional, 5.9
Sunset Boulevard, Sport, 5.11c
Out to lunge, Traditional, 5.10a
Blind Faith, Traditional, 5.10a
Pansee Sauvage , Sport, 5.11c
Who's Milton?, Boulder, V8
Directly accross the street from the Milton Boulder, up a bit in the trees, is a good problem that starts matched on a good edge, large cross up with right hand, long move out left w/ left hand, then mantles and climbs the tall slab. Sit start goes but is hard/sharp.
Jukebox Hero, Boulder, V6
Right of Gooseneck. Great problem that starts low, climbs straight up with sketchy topout.
Gooseneck, Boulder, V7
Accross the river from the Milton boulder, faces the river on the left side of the block, left of Jukebox Hero. Start sitting in hole, move up and right to a hard topout.
Bringer of Light, Boulder, V11
Directly above Germ Free Adolecence boulder. Excellent and pure problem - non contrived. Starts sitting under steep roof on huge undercling and moves straight up to a highball slab.
The Walrus, Boulder, V5
Elegant Universe SDS, Boulder, V11
5.10 crack, Traditional, 5.10a
5.8 crack, Traditional, 5.8
Zip Code, Traditional, 5.11a
Kashmir, Traditional, 5.11b
Outer Space, Traditional, 5.10b
The Recon, Traditional, 5.5
Terminal velocity, Traditional, 5.11b
Tagger, Traditional, 5.10c
Hair City, Traditional, 5.9
Guenese, Partially bolted, 5.11a
The Grand Course, Traditional, 5.11a
Northwest Corner, Traditional, 5.11a
Rincon, Traditional, 5.11a
Point Break, Partially bolted, 5.11a
Center Route, Traditional, 5.11a
Pig Dog, Boulder, V7
The Pyramid, Sport, 5.5
Undercling Route, Boulder, V4
Horn's Mudda, Boulder, V1
Southwest Arete, Boulder, V1
The Blue Whale, Boulder, V7
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