Marie Rose
  1. La Marie-Rose
    , Boulder, V2
  2. La Cocktail, Boulder, V2
  3. Le Bidule, Boulder, V0+, beta
    Right of La Cocktail, via the obvious holds
Marie Rose
  1. Dalle Gauche, Boulder, V0+
Marie Rose
  1. La Joker, Boulder, V5+
  2. Hop Hop Hop, Boulder, V8
    Without right arete.

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

La Suzanne, Boulder, V2
La Nescafe, Boulder, V2
Le Corbillard, Boulder, V4+
La Quatrieme Angle, Boulder, V4+
Le Joueur, Boulder, V8
la Porthos, Boulder, V1
Start with chipped hold.
du Mou Bordel!, Boulder, V4+
Jean Jiskan, Boulder, V1

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Nameless, Boulder, V3+
Nameless 1, Boulder, V2
Pause Cafe, Boulder, V4
Les Grattons Morin, Boulder, V0
La Stephe ss, Boulder, V4+
La Murène, Boulder, V2
La Fissure Authenac, Boulder, V1+
Sexy, Boulder, V1+
Kilo de Beurre, Boulder, V3+
Le Narine, Boulder, V2
la Sans l'Arête, Boulder, V2
La Dalle Olive, Boulder, V1
L'Angle Authenac, Boulder, V1+
Audacieux, Boulder, V4+
La Borniol, Boulder, V1+
Le Truc à Hugo, Boulder, V5
L'Oreille Cassee, Boulder, V0+
Pilier, Boulder, VB
Le K, Boulder, V1+
Boulder 3, Boulder, V3+ (A dyno)
La Picasso, Boulder, V1
Sacre Couer, Boulder, V1
La Solitaire, Boulder, V0+
Petit bombe, Boulder, V2
Contorsitis, Boulder, V1+
La Poigne, Boulder, V3+
Que devins-tu, Boulder, V3+
, Boulder, V3+
La Voie Chardin, Boulder, V2
La Dalle du Trou, Boulder, V1
La raie publique, Boulder, V1+
Faux ligament, Boulder, V1
?, Boulder, V2
La Tour de Pise assis, Boulder, V6
Tefal, Boulder, V7
Global Terrorist, Boulder, V7
Les couples, Boulder, V5+
Sams route, Sport, 5.11d
Le Gare, Boulder, VB (2b)
Cornemuse, Boulder, V8
Plates tonique, Boulder, V9
Quartier chaud, Boulder, V5+
Anglophile, Boulder, V7
le vieux Bleu, Boulder, V1+
Les Tripes, Boulder, V1+
La Dévissante, Boulder, VB
La Tangente, Boulder, VB
Carnazina droite, Boulder, V8
Bizzare, Boulder, V3+
La coctail, Boulder, V2
le Ventricule Gauche, Boulder, V2
la Moussette, Boulder, V4+
La berzina, Boulder, V9

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