Marie Rose
  1. Marie-Rose
    , Boulder, V2
  2. La Cocktail, Boulder, V2
  3. Le Bidule, Boulder, V0+, beta
    Right of La Cocktail, via the obvious holds
Marie Rose
  1. Dalle Gauche, Boulder, V0+
Marie Rose
  1. La Joker, Boulder, V5+
  2. Hop Hop Hop, Boulder, V8
    Without right arete.

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Le Joker, Boulder, V5+
La Suzanne, Boulder, V2
La Nescafe, Boulder, V2
Les Bretelles, Boulder, V3+
Le Corbillard, Boulder, V4+
La Quatrieme Angle, Boulder, V4+
Le Joueur, Boulder, V8
La Joker , Boulder, V5+
la Porthos, Boulder, V1
Start with chipped hold.
du Mou Bordel!, Boulder, V4+

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Vers Claire, Boulder, V8
Le Surplomb Ventre, Boulder, V1
La DeŽfroqueŽe, Boulder, V5
Le coul de Souris, Boulder, V4+
La Ruhme Folle, Boulder, V5+
La Stephe ss, Boulder, V4+
-, Boulder, V3
La Murène, Boulder, V2
La Fissure Authenac, Boulder, V1+
La Fortune, Boulder, V2
Sexy, Boulder, V1+
Kilo de Beurre, Boulder, V3+
Le Narine, Boulder, V2
la Sans l'Arête, Boulder, V2
La Dalle Olive, Boulder, V1
L'Angle Authenac, Boulder, V1+
Unknown, Boulder, V7 (soft)
Audacieux, Boulder, V4+
La Borniol, Boulder, V1+
La Fissure, Boulder, V1+
Le Truc à Hugo, Boulder, V5
L'Oreille Cassee, Boulder, V0+
Pilier, Boulder, VB
Le K, Boulder, V1+
c9d31e36Duroxmanie, Boulder, V4+
La Picasso, Boulder, V1
Sacre Couer, Boulder, V1
La Solitaire, Boulder, V0+
le Cul de Souris (droite), Boulder, V3 (sitstart)
Petit bombe, Boulder, V2
Laerodynamite, Boulder, V8
Contorsitis, Boulder, V1+
La Poigne, Boulder, V3+
Que devins-tu, Boulder, V3+
Cul de Sortis, Boulder, V3+
, Boulder, V3+
La Voie Chardin, Boulder, V2
Coup de Feel gauche, Boulder, V8
Boucheri-Charcuteri, Boulder, V6
La Dalle du Trou, Boulder, V1
La raie publique, Boulder, V1+
Biceps Mou assis, Boulder, V9
Faux ligament, Boulder, V1
?, Boulder, V2
La Tour de Pise assis, Boulder, V6
Tefal, Boulder, V7
Global Terrorist, Boulder, V7
La Nez, Boulder, V9
La Marie Rose, Boulder, V9
Les couples, Boulder, V5+
Sams route, Sport, 5.11d
Dalle Siamoise Gauche, Boulder, V3+
Red 23, Jean Jiskan, Boulder, V1

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