Kyle Hilton

lives in Fort Worth, TX, USA — enjoys sport, trad, boulders and mountains @ V0 — has visited and listed 38 crags in 1 country — is a member of Wichita Boulderers

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Grade Total Flash Red point Diagram
V14 0 0 0
V13 1 0 1
V12 2 0 2
V11 10 0 10
V10 17 0 17
V9 22 2 20
V8 35 4 31
V7 55 10 45
V6 27 5 22
V5+ 3 2 1
V5 30 11 19
V4+ 3 2 1
V4 20 10 10
V3+ 1 0 1
V3 23 12 11
V2 18 8 10
V1+ 0 0 0
V1 21 17 4
V0+ 3 3 0
V0 7 7 0
Yearly top 10 averages
Red point
Ascent summary chart
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2014-08-24 Nuthin but Sunshine Rocky Mountain National Park V13
Red point
2014-08-17 Pat's Arete Mt. Evans V7
Red point
2014-08-16 ? Chaos Canyon V2
Red point
2014-08-16 Potato Chip Chaos Canyon V7
2014-08-16 Potato Chip Sit Chaos Canyon V8
2014-08-11 Dead Raccoon Chaos Canyon V12
Red point good boulder, climbs well.
2014-08-09 The Wildcat Chaos Canyon V12
Red point
2014-08-03 Riddles in the Dark Chaos Canyon V10
Red point
2014-07-23 Terrorism Arete Chaos Canyon V7
Red point good experience.
2014-07-23 Skipper D Chaos Canyon V8
2014-07-23 Right El Jorge Chaos Canyon V9
2014-03-15 T-Bone Shuffle North Mountain V4
Red point
2014-03-15 The War Snake North Mountain V7
Red point The Best.
2014-03-15 Fat Apache Jogger East Mountain V8
Red point
2014-03-15 Moonshine Roof Right East Mountain V4
2014-03-15 Moonshine Roof East Mountain V4
2014-03-15 Thorny Toad East Mountain V5+
2014-03-15 Dry Dock  East Mountain V7
Red point
2014-03-15 Ultramega  East Mountain V8
2014-03-15 Power of Landjager East Mountain V11
Red point really good
2014-03-15 Sunshine East Mountain V11
Red point In the heat...
2014-03-15 Hershey's Symphony North Mountain V1
2014-03-15 Tequila Sunrise North Mountain V11
Red point soo mental for me. Why can't I let myself succeed?
2014-01-24 The Visionary McGee Creek V8
2nd Red point Thanks Addison.
2014-01-19 Solar Strike McGee Creek V10
FA Red point Best boulder at mcgee in my opinion. Props to BA and Dendy for putting up the originals. Start sitting right hand on the block, left on the pinch.
2014-01-19 The Rain Maker McGee Creek V5
Flash This is a good boulder even though it doesn't top out.
2014-01-06 Shamu North Mountain V9
Red point
2014-01-06 Devils butthole West Mountain V6
Red point
2014-01-06 The Maiden East Spur Maze V0+
2014-01-06 Between the Cheeks East Mountain V7
Red point
2014-01-06 Alf in a Blender East Spur Maze V6
Red point
2014-01-06 El burro East Mountain V3
2014-01-06 Taxing the Pipe East Mountain V9
Red point
2014-01-06 Best of the West  West Mountain V7
Red point
2014-01-06 Crash Dummy West Mountain V7
Red point
2014-01-06 Animal Acts West Mountain V5
2014-01-06 Tri Hard East Mountain V4
2014-01-06 Dragonfly East Mountain V5
2014-01-06 Something Different East Mountain V8
Red point what???
2014-01-06 Babyface North Mountain V7
Red point so freakin hard
2014-01-06 Mojo East Mountain V10
Red point tore a huge flapper on the jug...
2014-01-06 Power of Silence North Mountain V10
Red point did it.
2014-01-06 Full Service East Mountain V10
Red point felt easier than I thought it would.
2013-11-25 Jah Natti Chattanooga, TN USA V9
Red point night sesh. almost broke my back and ankle on the brain...
2013-11-25 Moss Man Chattanooga, TN USA V2
FA Red point Uncle Tom's Cabin. Super classic.
2013-11-25 Bum Boy Horse Pens 40 V3
Red point possibly the hardest boulder I've ever done.
2013-11-25 Great White Horse Pens 40 V7
Red point my palms hurt.
2013-11-25 Iron Claw Rocktown V7
Red point destroyed my shamans on the heel hooks. not psyched.
2013-11-25 The Orb Rocktown V8
Red point so freakin hard. humped it to submission.
2013-11-25 King Pin Little Rock City V6
Red point font much?
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