Pressure Drop
Carmen, V12
Grade opinions
Start with the left hand on edge (starting hold of Bloodsport) and right hand on crimp. SD
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Small 82ac16218134
Frederic Driever
Red point
3rd ascent! SICK problem!!! Tried it briefly a week ago when the first move felt impossible… Today I needed 30mins to figure it out! Afterwards I felt incredibly strong on the left starting hold and managed the move every time but failing to get the side-hold properly or slipping off. Took a total of 2h to finally put it to rest. Sooo happy. Had stopped believing it was possible today...
Small d413c556adb7
Christof Rauch
Red point
Really cool problem. Did it in the dark with the light of my phone. Thanks to alfons.
Small f5d302a9829f
Thomas Lindinger
Red point
more ore less a one mover