GBO 8 - Fjällbo
Sexifierad, 8A
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Tobias Karlsson 8 months ago.

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Magnus Högström
Red point
Erik Grandelius
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överhänget bredvid ground control. nere i ett fuktigt gryt. stämning.
Tobias Karlsson
Red point
Cool boulder in a 40 degree overhang on dark grey rock which is smoother than the rest of Utby. You feel badass climbing it, like D.Woods low gear machine style, giving multiple opportunities to show off your biceps strength in static moves. Semi-hard first half into powerful crux with a small incut undercling which you dyno to the lip from, a move which feels quite scary until you have commited a few times. Too bad the landing sucks and it is so moist and dark that you almost need a headlamp during daytime.
Edvin Eklöf
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Klättermässigt tre stjärnor

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