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Robert Kristofic
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Hayato Kawajiri
"No kissing," she bleakly informed me. At first, I thought she was forbidding oral sex but when she added, "I don't have the time to fix my makeup," I understood my mistake. After another glance at the clock she added impatiently, "13 minutes." Her voice and language were direct and demanding. In emphasis, she spread her legs even further apart. The clock was running, and I was the laggard. I grudgingly dismissed any thought of oral sex and redeployed to the bed, shuffling up and over her. She seemed tiny beneath me. As I lowered myself onto her, my tally whacker assumed the correct position to become intimately acquainted with her little seafood taco. She kindly assisted him into a trajectory where he could do maximum damage and I gratefully leaned him into her. We both exhaled deeply with pleasure. As I had correctly observed, she was delightfully well lubricated. Upon later introspection I surmised that she had probably been revving her sexual engine from the moment we met, so her body had enjoyed a good hour or so to prepare itself for a thoroughly lubricated lift off. She was unexpectedly tight and it occasioned the thought that the Gracefields were childless. Certainly no pelvic floor problems here. As I started slogging away in what I considered to be a quite a muscular motion, I could see that she was staring up at me with a very intense expression on her face. Her upper lip became twisted again resulting in the same disdainful sneer that I had experienced earlier. I also now noticed that one of those captivating eyebrows rose in sympathy with the lip resulting in a rather quirky if somewhat severe expression. I now finally recognized that it represented an involuntary signal of her sexual attraction and/or excitement.