The crag of Ozo is great for beginning climbers.
Climbing in Ozo happens on a limestone slab of about 70° with plenty of features. The approach and the cliff base are not all that great, so we would not recommend the crag for families or (big) groups.
The bolting in Ozo is good and modern on glue-ins and the route names are on small plates below the route.

Climbing will be most enjoyed by people enjoying technical slabs in the 5h grade. But also a climber operating in the 6th grade will be able to fill a day of climbing.

The chance of being alone and in piece is very high. Before this topo, only very little information was available.


Climbing has been limited!

Area is under maintenance of UBS, the Belgian Speleo Union.

Park as indicated or in the village.
Red trail: after parking in a safe manner along road N806, walk back around the corner towards Bomal. Enter the forest, go through the ditch and traverse along the field. There is a very faint path which might be too overgrown in summer. When there is not too much vegetation, this is the easiest approach.

Blue trail: Park in the village and take the street heading West. Pass a goat farm (and buy goat cheese cause it's delicious - skip this step if you're vegan), after about 15mins walking along the forest road, there is a faint and steep path going left and down towards the cliff.