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UNLOCK Komadinovo vrelo Premium

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Komadinovo vrelo

The area is access sensitive!


The crag is located in a beautiful Neretva canyon just 10 minutes drive from a city called Jablanica. If you're driving the M-17 road from Sarajevo to Mostar, park on the left just before the restaurant Komadinovo Vrelo after you pass through the city of Jablanica.

The crag is easily accessible from the parking spot, and for the starting point just follow the makings (blue plates with the climber sign on them) or ask any of the workers in the restaurant. From the restaurant, you should have a crag in your sight (dark black rock) and that is a general direction where you should be walking towards. The first sector called "Ravni bor" is just 15 - 20 min walking distance from the parking and the walking trail is well marked.

One more pro-tip. This location here is where the city of Jablanica gets drinkable water from and the restaurant has 2 or 3 free and public "drinking fountains" where you can refill your water supplies.

Be aware of your surroundings, do not play loud music, and do not produce loud noises.