The area is access sensitive!

Helppo access Sipoonkorven merkittyjä polkuja pitkin melkein perille asti. HUOM Pysäköinti lähialueen teiden varsilla on kielletty ja siitä sakotetaan ahkerasti. Pysäköi vain merkityille parkkipaikoille. Kalkkiuunintien p-alueelta on helppo patikka Playstation ja Pallomasi - sektoreille. Lähimmältä bussipysäkiltä n. 800m. Fillarilla kannattaa tulla Kalkkiuunintieltä alkavan polun alkuun.

Lot of the areas are in or close to the popular Sipoonkorpi national park and its trails. You will encounter hikers, bikers, runners etc. So be considerate of others and be super friendly to people if you are looked on curiously because of crash pads or other climbing equipment. Bouldering/climbing is still a relatively new sport/pastime and a lot of people don't realize what you are doing out in the woods with huge crash pads so if needed please do explain POLITELY about our sport!

Use only existing trails, do not damage or harm wildlife in any way, always follow the law and current regulations. Minimize your impact to environment and absolutely NO TRASH!