The Story of 2 Worlds, 8C
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Mad Boulder about 2 years ago.
The Story of Two Worlds by Sebastian Cotting
Hanna Vartia about 3 years ago.

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Paul Robinson
Red point
2nd Asc. Long and very sustained. Unsure of how many days it took but for me I think this boulder stands at the upper echelon of the 8c grade. I plan to make amendments to prior climbs as this truly is "the new standard" as dave mentioned before. A dream come true! What a huge relief! On to the projects!!
David Graham
Red point
The New Standard
James Webb
Red point
Giani Clement
Red point
My dream was to climb the classic Dave Graham boulder at least since I've been climbing the dagger back in February 2018. After a few month of projecting and challenging myself, the dream came true. The joy and satisfaction was even greater because my friend Leon was allowed to celebrate his well deserved sent in the same session. What an epic send train! Chapeau!

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