Summer Cleaning...

11 months ago
Just a very quick and short blog to inform users in the area that we have now merged all duplicates at the major crags in the Yorkshire region. This includes the worst offenders; Caley, Almscliffe and Shipley Glen. Other minor duplicates will be picked up as we go along but most were deleted if users hadn't added them to tick lists or to-do lists. This now makes 27crags the most informative resource for climbing in the Yorkshire area at the major crags. There's still plenty to do, topos still to be taken for Caley when Winter hits and updated topos for some of the larger crags too. For now however the information for the user has become even more valuable with merged grade opinions, comments, beta, videos etc. This is all possible because the 27Crags team have taken the time to listen to our suggestions and questions to improve the site.
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