September 24-26, 2010

2010 brings us the fifth annual 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell. This year’s weekend of fierceness will kick off on September 24, 2010 and finish up on the 26th. With exponential growth every single year since day one, this year promises to be the biggest and best yet. 24HHH is an endurance style climbing competition held annually at the ever popular Horseshoe Canyon Ranch just outside of Jasper, Arkansas. Two teammates partner up and head out to beautiful, gritty sandstone to display benevolent endurance with what can only be explained as severe dehydration, fatigue, soreness, bloody fingertips and an unforgettable climbing experience. Teams will be given 24 consecutive hours to put in as many clean climbs as unhumanly possible on the over 300 sport and traditional routes in the Ranch. A point system for the various grades drives the points and all climbs must be completed on lead in clean style. Night climbing is key, and strategy is as important as fitness. The volunteers and everyone involved are often to be commended for all of the work they do in keeping 24HHH an oiled, well-working monster of a machine. Hell turned over a new leaf in a world where climbing comps are typically centered on strength, explosive power and technique in a sprint-inspired timeframe, while 24HHH tests heart, endurance, pain tolerance and mental stamina as continuous routes are logged over 24 hours, making it the ultra-marathon of comps. Luke Laeser at said “it’s the best comp in the US for sure, the word is getting out.”
Since the first year in 2006, 24HHH has been featured in Rock and Ice, the Patagonia Tin Shed along with many other articles on printed and web page alike. 2009 drew in many fresh finger tips, including Tommy Caldwell's, to be shredded by 24 hours on gritty sandstone. It was the biggest and best weekend to date. But now 2010 is staring us in the face, daring to be new; daring to be subtly different. New routes. New conditions. New ideas. New faces and competitors. New year. New energy. New skin... eventually.
Are you up for pulling down?
For more information about competing and volunteering this year in Horseshoe Canyon, visit the comps official website:

Casandra Bright