P. Robinson climbs King of Limbs (8B/8B+), 2nd Ascent

about 6 years ago

Two years ago Paul put up the first ascent of La Grotte Magnifique at the end of his trip to Rocklands and was unable to finish the entire line before his departure. One year later, British climber Micky Page put up the extension into the line, naming it King of Limbs and giving the grade of 8B+/8C. Recently, Paul took a two day trip up to Rocklands and was able to get back on King of Limbs, one of the few lines in Rocklands he had not yet completed. On the second day of his mini Rocklands trip, Paul was able to send the full line but gave it a personal grade of 8B/8B+.

photo by Alexandra Kahn

Ooron Schneider "sit will be amazing and for sure in the 8c range!" From Robinson's ascent of La Grotte Magnifique. Whoops? about 6 years ago
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