Daniel Woods flashes Entlinge 8B+/C

over 6 years ago

Yesterday 28/11/11, Daniel Woods made what could be considered the hardest flash in the entire world with his 1st attempt send of Entlinge in Murgtal, Switzerland.

The climb was originally put up by Fred Nicole in 2005 and has since only seen a handful of repeats. Daniel believes the climb to be more in the 8B+ region rather than 8C but still feels that it is his hardest flash and definitely deserving of the 8B+ grade. He also agrees that the boulder very much fit his style.

Daniel also made a very fast ascent of Bourguignon, 8B that day.

The camera crew was there to document the ascent and will be a part of the new movie, "Welcome to the Hood" to come out late this spring. The movie will follow Daniel, Paul Robinson, Guntram Jörg, and Andy Gullsten around the world in search of the most amazing hard boulder problems! More info on that coming soon!

daniel woods, entlinge

Daniel on Entlinge, Murgtal
Photo and Story Source: Guntram Jörg

here is a video of Bernd Zangerl on Entlinge's second ascent -


Ooron Schneider Holy insanity! Watching the vid it looks like the problem was hand-crafted for Daniel. Simply mind-boggling. over 6 years ago
Alvi Pakarinen Wow, history in the making! over 6 years ago
Sakari McGregor Congrats Ddubs, pretty insane. over 6 years ago
Rico 2006jx Congrats Daniel, Just Awesome when can we see the vid? over 6 years ago
Dominik Hadwiger the ascent will be shown in "welcome to the hood" and should be online in early june. stay updated on the guys adventures: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Welcome-to-the-Hood/273517456028052?ref=ts over 6 years ago
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