Adam Ondra flashes Gecko Assis (8B+) [update]

over 6 years ago

It seems, that Adam is just unstoppable. Just a minute ago Adam Ondra _Flashed_ Gecko Assis, 8B+!

Adam ondra
Anssi Laatikainen I guess that is a new world record then? over 6 years ago
Markku Laine Sorry Anssi but no new world record this time :) Ondra has flashed an 8B+ already before and Mr. Woods flashed an 8B+/8C a week or so ago. Anyhow, very impressive send! over 6 years ago
Anssi Laatikainen Thought about asking for confirmation from your excell archives, but got it this way too. :) Thanks for info. over 6 years ago
Jarmo Annunen @Anssi, A new Jens ;)? over 6 years ago
Sakari McGregor No new world records on our news on my watch :D Awesome send, cant wait to see the footage from Alvi&Black Diamond over 6 years ago
Piri Henari Well done Adam. Check out the topo of this boulder. Whats up with the line to the left, 'La Faiblesse d'Achille' 8C+ but 8A sit start??? over 6 years ago
Jussi Leskinen The grade is wrong, should be 7c+ over 6 years ago
Alexandra Kahn the topo has now been updated using the guidebook over 6 years ago
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