A perfect climbing sector like it was planned to be one. Below 5min approach, sun in the morning, shady from noon on. Covering all difficulties and styles of features from crimps to stalactites, from slabs to steep juggy climbing. With the cherry on the top being the view to the sea. What more could you ask for? Here is the downturn: this water mill, being the source of fresh water for Kyparissi hosts mosquitos in the warm month of the year, so don't forget repellant when the sun goes down.


First routes were equipped by D. Stravogenis 2005, Y. Torelli., G. Kopalides, A. Theodoropoulos, 2007, A. Berry & B. de Lattre in 2011, and C + C Remy in 2012. Four years later, as part of the climbing park Kyparissi EU-funded program, Y. Torelli., G. Kopalides, A. Theodoropoulos, T. Michaelides.
As well as P. Girard in 2016.