Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Made In Spain, Sport, 5.10c
Dead Spanish Bolts, Sport, 5.9
Spiderman, Sport, 5.10b
Desayuno De Nono, Sport, 5.10d
Alta Ruta, Sport, 5.11a
Lost In Space, Sport, 5.10d
Flavour Of The Week, Sport, 5.12b
No Name, Sport, 5.12b
Amazing Thailand, Sport, 5.11d
Sang Trip, Sport, 5.12c
5D Mak Mak, Sport, 5.11b
Yaba, Sport, 5.12a
Kon Ba, Sport, 5.11c
Black Hole, Sport, 5.13a
Totem Pole, Sport, 5.10b
Four:Twenty, Sport, 5.10b
Afterburner, Sport, 5.11d
Sea Monkeys, Sport, 5.11a
Speaking Out Loud, Sport, 5.10d
The Annihilator, Sport, 5.11b
Australian Invasion, Sport, 5.11a

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Vom Winde Verweth, Sport, 5.11c
Baboons Lagoon, Sport, 5.11a
Risenbaby, Boulder, V6
Stick Like..., Sport, 5.11d
Touchy Hely, Boulder, V5+
Snailhouserock, Boulder, V7
Bar fight, Boulder, V5+
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