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UNLOCK Tierra media Albarracín .premium

UNLOCK Tierra media Albarracín .premium

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Tierra media Albarracín

The area is access sensitive!

Climbing has been limited in Albarracín due the bird nesting and protecting the nature. Tierra media is still open for climbing, and let's keep it that way. :
-Park at parkings showed on 27crags
-Don't block any roads/passages with your vehicle.
-Don't leave any trash behind you and bury all your human waste.
-respect the nature
-Brush away tickmarks and excessive chalk
-Don't climb with lights or when it's getting dark or before sun rise.
-Use only recognized paths.
-Don't make fires.
-Keep your dog in the leash and collect the dog waste

Approach to Tierra media:
Follow the gps path way, from the Cabrerizo parking it means going down the valley and straight up on the other side. This a bit over 50m of elevation meters is a quite heavy start and end of the trip. After reaching the top of the the other side, go left and follow stone pillars. It should take you about 10 minutes to reach TM.
From the main parking, walk like to techos, but when reaching the field turn left just before, and at the end of the field, turn right to a small path clearly visible. This path also has stone pillar markings the whole way. There is also the gps path for this one.