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Eclipse (Almenara style), 7b
Sit start
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@ 02:07
Timo Etterer 10 months ago.
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Henrik Silfvernagel almost 5 years ago.

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Luis Alonso
Red point
s,s método original ese Checa,salida recta sin escaqueo drcha ,buena linea castaño
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Carlos Vidal Arqué
Red point
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Fer Pieruz
Red point
Small b4da7f507394
Guiz Augiat
Red point
Small d8070c811c58
Niini Vartia
Red point
The best problem I've ever done ! It took only my both ring fingers..but ws worth it :D Felt really hard for 7a, it's at least 7a+ but in my opinion it's 7b
Small e06d77d1468e
Alexandra Kahn
Red point
some guides say 7B others say was 7B and downgraded to 7A. Not sure why it would be downgraded, felt way harder than any 7A i've ever done!

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