Taljala is an area where you can find just about every style of bouldering from slabs to hard overhangs, traverses, highballs, lowballs and anything in between. The main area is a compact package of +120 routes, so there's always something to do there. Kolokivi locates a little off the main area, but is well worth a visit itself, offering some exceptional pockets (some of them might be called even huecos) and other formations on rock.

Aukean Kivet, Kaljala, Kavaljeeri, Hänkkikivi, Tahtokivi and Nyppylän Kivet are all sunny, thus good choices for spring and autumn -time bouldering sessions, and the days after rains, while eg. Uneton, Iso Mörkö, Alarinteen Rypäs and Kolokivi all offer some more shady bouldering for warmer days. Those mentioned are just recommendations, so be open-minded and go check out the ones that are of your interest when you're around.

In the summertime there can be quite a lot of mosquitos especially in the shadier sectors, and in the late summer deer flies so be prepared.

The parking lots are mostly beside narrow roads, so be sure not to block traffic!

Don't forget to try the circuits also, a great way to get known to the area!
Blue (Taljala Sininen) one is 20 routes up to 6A,
Red (Taljala Punainen) 17 routes from 6A+ to 6C and
White one (Taljala Valkoinen) for the supermen and -women, 15 routes from 6C+ to 7B+

Some videos available in Vimeo: and YouTube:

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Taljala -area was found in 2014 by the Rockafellas V. Mäkinen & T. Peteri. It was clear from the very beginning that it will be the biggest area around when it comes to amount of rock and routes - a true gem for the locals! Being one of the largest areas in the Southern Finland it soon got popularity among people outside the Hämeenlinna -area as well.

First route ever climbed in Taljala is Kaljala (6A+), a true classic at its grade, FA V. Mäkinen 2014-03-14. During the fall 2014 there were already 100 routes in Taljala, four years later (2018-05-14) the number is +150.

The history is still partially unwritten and there are some pieces of rock yet to be opened in the area.