Smith Rock State Park

Topos for Smith Rock State Park in the area of Bend, OR are maintained by Smith Rockin.

"Day use fee (included in bivvy camping fee)" — team Smith Rockin
Snake Rock
Snake Rock
  1. Hemp Liberation, Sport, 5.10d
    5 Bolts
  2. Lords of Karma, Sport, 5.12c
    13 Bolts
  3. A Desperate Man, Traditional, 5.9
    Gear to 1"
  4. Cling On, Traditional, 5.9 (Gear to 4 inches.)
  5. Made in the Shade, Sport, 5.12c (4 bolts.)
  6. Split Image, Sport, 5.12d
  7. The Golden Road, Sport, 5.11b (3 bolts.)
  8. Iguanas on Elm Street, Sport, 5.10c
Snake Rock
  1. Struck Out, Traditional, 5.6 (X. Gear to 2.5 inches.)
  2. Made in the Shade, Sport, 5.12c (4 bolts.)

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

The Quickening, Boulder, V9
Agro Gullley, right side
Moons of Pluto, Sport, 5.11a
Tsunami, Sport, 5.12c
Times Up, Sport, 5.13b
Aggro Monkey, Sport, 5.13b
Blue Light Special, Sport, 5.11b
Heinous Cling Low, Sport, 5.12a
Hop on Pop, Sport, 5.7
Jete, Sport, 5.8
Peanut Brittle, Sport, 5.8
Two Perfect Stars, Sport, 5.9
Pop Goes the Nubbin, Sport, 5.10a
Caffeine Free, Sport, 5.10a
Cosmos, Sport, 5.10a
Blackened, Sport, 5.11d
Headless Horseman, Sport, 5.10d
Popism, Sport, 5.11a
Appian Way, Sport, 5.12a
Five Easy Pieces Start, Sport, 5.12a
A Little Seduction, Sport, 5.12a
The Quickening, Sport, 5.12c
Delirium Tremens, Traditional, 5.10b
Bad Moon Rising, Sport, 5.11a
Charcoal Fighter, Sport, 5.11d
White wedding , Sport, 5.14a
Vomit Launch, Sport, 5.11b
Hissing lamas, Sport, 5.9
Phoenix, Sport, 5.10b
Chicken mcnuggets, Sport, 5.10c
JT's route, Sport, 5.10c
Naxis, Sport, 5.10c
Deep impact, Sport, 5.10d
More sandy than kevin, Sport, 5.11a
Powder up the nose, Sport, 5.11a
Armageddon, Sport, 5.11b
E Type jag, Sport, 5.11b
Shake n flake, Sport, 5.11c
Taiwan On, Sport, 5.10c
John Galt Line, Sport, 5.11b
Heinous Cling, Sport, 5.12c
Bloodshot, Sport, 5.11b
Slit Your Wrists, Sport, 5.13b
West Face Variation Direct, Traditional, 5.8
Latest Rage, Sport, 5.12b
The Four Nymphs, Sport, 5.12b
Torrid Zone , Sport, 5.12a
Freebase , Sport, 5.12a
Oxygen, Sport, 5.13b
King of Rap, Sport, 5.12d
Wardance, Sport, 5.12a
Da Kine Corner, Sport, 5.12c
?, Sport, 5.12a
?, Sport, 5.12c
White Trash, Sport, 5.12a
Liquid Jade, Sport, 5.12b
Time to Power Start, Sport, 5.10a
Snuffy smith, Sport, 5.9
Praying mantel, Sport, 5.10a
Bolt From the Blue, Sport, 5.12a
Popper, Sport, 5.10a
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