Weather forecast and long-term statistics for Skravelsjö in the area of Umeå, Sweden

Current Conditions
Wsymbol 0017 cloudy with light rain
· 2 minutes ago ·
Temperature: 3°C
Humidity: 70 %
Wind: 9 kph from NE
Wsymbol 0017 cloudy with light rain
High: 4°C
Low: 1°C
Precip: 10.9 mm
Wind: 22 kph E
Wsymbol 0001 sunny
High: 8°C
Low: 1°C
Precip: 0.1 mm
Wind: 13 kph SSW
Wsymbol 0001 sunny
High: 10°C
Low: 2°C
Precip: 0.0 mm
Wind: 10 kph W
Wsymbol 0009 light rain showers
High: 6°C
Low: 2°C
Precip: 0.5 mm
Wind: 23 kph NNE
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Average daily temperatures per month

Chart?chxl=0:|jan|feb|mar|apr|may|jun|jul|aug|sep|oct|nov|dec|1:|| 10|0|10|20|30&chxt=x,y&chco=4b5466,dc7612,bd3200&chf=bg,s,4b5466|c,s,2e3540&chm=b,ffffff18,0,1,0|h,4b5466,0,0:1:0.2,1, 1|h,0f0f11,0,0,1|r,0f0f11,0,0.0,0.004|r,0f0f11,0,0.997,1

Average total precipitation per month

Chart?chxl=0:|jan|feb|mar|apr|may|jun|jul|aug|sep|oct|nov|dec|1:||50|100|150|200&chxt=x,y&chco=0f0f11&chbh=24,7&chf=bg,s,4b5466|c,s,2e3540&chm=h,4b5466,0,0:1:0.25,1, 1|h,0f0f11,0,0,1|r,0f0f11,0,0.0,0.004|r,0f0f11,0,0.997,1
Temperature and precipitation statistics have been collected 9 km east of Skravelsjö near Obbola, Sweden.
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