Super Crack
  1. Italian Summer, Boulder, V3+
Super Crack
  1. Wini Tatsch, Boulder, V4
    Sector Super Crack
  2. Wini Pu
    , Boulder, V4+
Super Crack
  1. Sweet Dream, Boulder, V4+
Super Crack
  1. Shanghai Syndrom
    , Boulder, V5+
  2. Supercrack
    , Boulder, V5+
Super Crack
  1. Cross over, Boulder, V7

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Wini Pu Variante, Boulder, V4
Indian Summer, Boulder, V4
, Boulder, V6
Traumschiff, Boulder, V5+
, Boulder, V2
Austrian Summer
, Boulder, V2
, Boulder, V5+ (long cut)

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

N.n., Boulder, V3+
Dead Rebels, Boulder, V6
2nd skin
, Boulder, V9
Zwiederwurzn, Boulder, V11
, Boulder, V9
N.n., Boulder, V6
Razorblade Junior, Boulder, V11
Sunshine Reaggy, Boulder, V10
Ragman, Boulder, V12
Gentic, Boulder, V2
Weg der Ruhnen, Boulder, V2
Worm up, Boulder, V2
Flugticket, Boulder, V2
Schwindling, Boulder, V2
Double Trouble, Boulder, V7
Ihseenixkante, Boulder, V8
The left feet, Boulder, V4+
Rombuk, Boulder, V12
Harakiri, Boulder, V12
X-Ray low, Boulder, V12
Ragman 2.0, Boulder, V12
Skip all that Bullshit, Boulder, V12
Schattenkrieger, Boulder, V11
Straight Flush, Boulder, V11
Shining low, Boulder, V11
The Gu of Wallstreet, Boulder, V11
Meaning of pump, Boulder, V11
Meaning of life, Boulder, V10
Neveo, Boulder, V9
Haunting echoes, Boulder, V9
Supercombi, Boulder, V9
Prof. Barbara, Boulder, V9
Fortuna, Boulder, V9
Kolibri, Boulder, V9
The Alpinist, Boulder, V8
Ein Tirol, Boulder, V7
Schuh des Manitu, Boulder, V7
Bumbat, Boulder, V7
ThorPlus, Boulder, V7
Prof. Udo, Boulder, V5+
Janoschs Traumstunde, Boulder, V4+
Zu jung zum Sterben, Boulder, V3+

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