Leaper Roof
Leaper Roof 1 / 2
  • The wall on thin breaks passing the jutting nose on the left of the roof. CD B10 P1
  • Start as Jug for a Thug, traverse diagonally rightward through breaks to the awkward top out round the right side of the nose.
  • Straight up the left side of the roof via the good jug - climbed on the right of the jutting nose which is in for feet. CD B10 P2 & TC A9 P1
  • Use all the holds you need to span your way through the centre of the roof at its widest point finishing up the hanging arete. CD B10 P3 & TC A9 P2.
  • Starting on low holds to the right of the base, climb up via crimps to finish over the right side of the roof/nose. CD B10 P7 & TC A9 P4
  • From the low block to the right of the roof - gain the poor undercut, go out to the sloper then up and through the breaks above to the top. CD B10 P4
  • Starting on the low right jutting block - gain the higher breaks and top out via a pinch first then a sloper. CD B10 P5
  • Starting on the low jutting block go up via RH crimp on the nose, horizontal to break and straight up the overhanging arete. CD B10 P6.
  • The short wall from a Sit round the corner of leaper roof.
  • CD guide eliminate starting on the 'micro' wall on the right - trends left via crimps from the sidewall to finish up the face of the roof on the left. CD B10 P8.
Leaper Roof
Leaper Roof 2 / 2
  • R-L traverse of the block - Using the top of the RHS to start then drop down and use all the holds under the overlap. Rock around and up the LH Corner to finish.
  • The traverse drops down under overhangs and uses the slopers and the good slot to gain the left arete. CD B11 P2 & TC A9 P1(a)
  • Sit start the right hand side then join the start of Leaper Traverse - drop down at the overhangs to only use sloping holds below the overlapping shelf and AVOID the slot. An often confusing and contested eliminate. CD B11 P3.