Tahini, 8A+
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Jimmy Karlsson almost 4 years ago.

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Hannes Platon
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För att citera Maestro: "Idel klassiker". Grymt prob som vanligt från mr P. Tackar tackar!
Andreas Almqvist Gref
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Jimmy Karlsson
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Fullt spann! Lite grov sten men riktigt bra flytt, trodde aldrig jag skulle kunna klättra sån bredklättring.
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Emil Abrahamsson
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First go on the first boulder of the year! Bizarre session, snow everywhere and I had little to no confidence that I would even do this problem today :)
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Lorenz Ulmer
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Delicate moves. The rock quality isn’t the best otherwise it would be 3 stars. On the quick!
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Christopher Aspberg
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Unexpected and superfun. This is what its all about!

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