Rocher Fin
A compact family friendly area that dries within seconds. The rock is very solid at this crag and there are just a couple of problems on the hillside that you might find wet after rain. With some wind it dries super fast.
Even if the area is located over 1,5km of a walk away, it's kind of popular. There are a bunch of good reasons for that. It's a compact area, with mostly low boulders and good landings. You can find something for everyone here (Exception: super strong people will run out of problems fast.). The area is like a small sand hill filled with nice looking boulders, perfect for a hang around with family and friends. The area that stretches into the woods (Bois bleu) dries slower and sees less people. Brushing might be needed for some of the problems there.

The area has a demanding red circuit, a nice and long blue circuit (end part might be a bit dirty) and an orange and an yellow one with easier problems. Some of the numbers might be really hard to see.

As one of the only really fast drying areas, you should have this in mind as choice number one, it usually surprised positively :)

We have included 2 approach paths, one from the parking at Guichot and one from 95.2. The one from Guichot is shorter, but basically an almost straight line, so it might "feel" long.