This area is hidden behind a small forest at the parking of 95.2. Many have never heard about the area but it is hiding some pretty nice boulders. Mostly in the 6th and 7th grade. There are for sure some gems to try out here. Maybe the area to go to on a busy weekend when you don't want to queue for your problem in 95.2, or maybe combine this area with another small one like Souris or Jean de Vignes which both are also available as premium. guides.

Some to try could be:

Un Pied dans l'Œil 6A
Le Test du Plafond 6A
L'Arête du Guetteur 6A
L'Œil du Guetteur 6C
Croûte que Coûte 6C (assis 7A)
Le Pilier du Guetteur (assis) 7A
Le Jeté Pignon 7A+
Le Pif de Cyrano 7A
La Pyrolyse (direct) 7A+
Énergie d'Activation 7A+
Énergie d'Activation (direct) 7B+
Backdraft 7B
Mister Freeze 7C
Charlie 7C+
Wanted 7C+

Just to mention a few goldies. Reception isn't always good in the Forêt of Fontainebleau, so as usual recommendable to download the guide for offline use.