Crag with 8 fully bolted sport routes from 6c to 8a+. PLANU 'E MURTA crag is oriented to SE, ideal for winter. This sector is worth visiting for its beauty and secluded environment. PLANU 'E MURTA is a crag with endurance routes on tufas with height from 16 till 45 m.
Driving through narrow riverbed to Cala Sisine is a bit intricate and adventurous, a good off-road car and careful driving is recommended. The crag can be approached by a 30min walk from the car park. Cross the riverbed and walk a steep hill up through bushes following a goat path. You can also reach the beach Cala Sisine by 40 minute walk from parking place.


We discovered the crag in December 2012 and during two days have put up 8 sport routes.