Pinturas Buldestres thumbnail
Pinturas Buldestres
7C+ Boulder at Pinturas
Pinturas Buldestres Sit thumbnail
Chinchetamen thumbnail
6B Boulder at Pinturas
El de no calentar thumbnail
El de no calentar
7A Boulder at Pinturas
Pinturas Bonus thumbnail
Pinturas Bonus
6B+ Boulder at Bonus
Mochuelito thumbnail
6C Boulder at Pinturas
Atlas stand thumbnail
Atlas stand
7A+ Boulder at Pinturas
Atlas thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Pinturas
Galimatías thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Galimatias
Pinturas Plus thumbnail
Pinturas Plus
6C Boulder at Bonus
Veydile thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Pinturas
Cabeza buque thumbnail
Cabeza buque
7B+ Boulder at Galimatias
Brabucone thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Imperial
Imperial Ipa thumbnail
Imperial Ipa
6A+ Boulder at Imperial
Session Stout thumbnail
Session Stout
6B+ Boulder at Imperial
Un pez thumbnail
Un pez
? Boulder at Bonus
Pescado con arroz thumbnail
Pescado con arroz
? Boulder at Bonus
Finders keepers thumbnail
Finders keepers
? Boulder at Bonus
Forsaken world thumbnail
Forsaken world
7A+ Boulder at Forsaken
La travesía de las pinturas thumbnail
Pinturas Albarracin

The area is access sensitive!

No cleaning and climbing closer than 50 m from the wall painting!