Le casse-tibia
  1. Petits Vérin, Boulder, V3
    Black 12
  2. Envolage, Boulder, V4+

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Morte Plaine, Boulder, V10
11b black
Le Casse-Tibia, Boulder, V4
11 black

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Rebord retord, Boulder, V5+
Petit Vérin, Boulder, V4
Mur de son, Boulder, V9
Petit Bois
Le Bouclier, Boulder, V1+
Chez Lolotte, Boulder, V1
La Diagonale, Boulder, V1
Vigilance, Boulder, V1+
L'Os à Moelle, Boulder, V1+
Bill Boquet, Boulder, V0
Boule Boquet, Boulder, V0
Action plus, Boulder, V0
Gros Dos, Boulder, V1
Belle à faire, Boulder, V0
Plein Vide, Boulder, V1
l'Oppo Plate, Boulder, V1+
Rondeurs ennemies, Boulder, V1
Beauté Verticale, Boulder, V1+
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