Routes on New River Gorge Boulders

57 sport 12 trad 577 boulder

We like New River Gorge Boulders

incredible area to climb. amazing routes, great diversity of styles. high quality rock, beautiful scenery, limitless climbs (including sport, trad, and bouldering). truly a special place!
Epic place, I want to go back over and over again.
Awesome place!

Activities on this crag

New River Gorge Boulders

The area is access sensitive!

Access in most places is allowed. That said, the situation could easily change and is not guaranteed. Please obey all posted signs and behave respectfully- especially when on land belonging to Brookfield Renewable, CSX, when crossing railroad tracks, etc. Let's just say, please be respectful always, obviously, but pay special attention to situations where access could be easily revoked.