Routes on Mörkberget

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We like Mörkberget

I always knew that Bollnäs was the actual centre of Sweden (the Max in Bollnäs to be specific) and the presence of the slab-tastic black berg proves it conclusively. It's such a joy, climbing here. Everything is perfect. There is a little campsite with a fire and a view of the winding river valley that reminds one of the Ardennes in summer, just at the foot of the main slab wall. There are nice belay ledges with great anchor protection. Bollnäs is not far. One couldn't ask for more!

Activities on this crag


Climbing has been limited!

The crag is closed between 1 of April and 31 of July due to brooding birds.

The previous parking problem have been solved, check the map for marker for the new parking space.