Menke, Bar, Montnegro

The area is access sensitive!

Park in Stari bar, hike out of town, on the left you wil see the Stari Bar sector. Continue on the road, cross the bridge on the right, follow the road (serpentines), walk passed the first two gates. you can walk through the third gate (if open, if not, ask the owner) and cross the big lawn and turn left in the end and cross the garden and the small river, you should be able to see the crag. If the third gate is closed continue on the regular path, you should see an old house and its garden, walk a little bit past it and then get off the path and descend down next to the land of the house and the small river (maybe not there in summer). you should see the crag now.

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Menke, Bar, Montnegro
General marker for the crag