Koivusaari is an urban classic with a stunning sea view. Seaside has overhanging routes with powerful moves and the vertical face is much taller with technical routes and spicy top outs. Koivusaari dries very early and it's common to see climbers there all year.

Koivusaari offers many routes and variations. Too many some argue. Many more has been climbed and new ones are regularly suggested. This topo provides the obvious lines and some popular variations. Few routes were dropped from the topo, but you can read these from the route list.

Public transportation to Koivusaari is excellent. Buses run now and subway will start sooner or later. There are many parking places for cars, but don't block the traffic to any boat.

You can use the toilet just 50m from the rock. It's behind the black wooden building. Please leave a coin behind.