Boys On Dwarf thumbnail
Boys On Dwarf
6C Boulder at Red Castle
Sky Stand thumbnail
Sky Stand
8A Boulder at The Sky
Scoop of Marmalade thumbnail
Area X thumbnail
Area X
8A Boulder at The Southern Reach
No topo image available
No topo image available
No topo image available
No topo image available
Uncle Toms dyno thumbnail
Vitamin C thumbnail
Vitamin C
6C Boulder at Citrus Wall
Matter of taste thumbnail
Squeeze my lemons thumbnail
Far right citrus thumbnail
Far right citrus
6B+ Boulder at Citrus Wall
Fideli dideli thumbnail
Fideli dideli
6B Boulder at Citrus Wall
No topo image available
Daves non dyno
7C+ Boulder at Citrus Wall
No topo image available
White shark
8A Boulder at Citrus Wall
Better when shared thumbnail
Bar-one thumbnail
6B Boulder at Better When Shared
Rooibos ar̻éte thumbnail
Bird nest soup thumbnail
Contracontorsionista thumbnail
Patrices ar̻ete thumbnail
Mikes ar̻ete thumbnail
Mikes ar̻ete
6B+ Boulder at Bushman Wall
Bushman wall thumbnail
Bushman wall
5+ Boulder at Bushman Wall
Amarula dreaming thumbnail
Gargamel thumbnail
6C Boulder at Bushman Wall
Le pav̩ (The paving) thumbnail
A for Epic thumbnail
A for Epic
7A Boulder at A For Epic
The hatchling thumbnail
Nightmare on Nicole Street thumbnail
Jamnation thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Jamnation
Codys problem thumbnail
Codys problem
7C Boulder at The Cairn
Firefox thumbnail
7A Boulder at Firefox
Crack-a-jack thumbnail
5 Boulder at Firefox
Black socks thumbnail
Black socks
6C Boulder at Firefox
Coner thumbnail
6B Boulder at Firefox
Corned beef thumbnail
Corned beef
4 Boulder at Firefox
Cracked thumbnail
6A Boulder at Firefox
Great white thumbnail
Great white
7B+ Boulder at Great White
The executioner thumbnail
With the technology of aliens thumbnail
The sky is the limit thumbnail
The earth is the limitation thumbnail
The fin thumbnail
The fin
7A Boulder at The Fin
The fin left thumbnail
The fin left
4 Boulder at The Fin
The fin right thumbnail
The fin right
6B Boulder at The Fin
A fish named Jane thumbnail
Zoila thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Red Castle
Downclimb thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Red Castle
Tuesday Weld thumbnail
Tuesday Weld
6B Boulder at Red Castle
Chateau rouge (Red Castle) thumbnail
Who knows? thumbnail
Who knows?
6B+ Boulder at Captain Cutloose
Captain Cutloose thumbnail
Lovin life thumbnail
Tomba la bomba thumbnail
Kitcat thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Lunch Bar
Lunch bar thumbnail
Lunch bar
6A+ Boulder at Lunch Bar
The girlfriends problem thumbnail
The girlfriends problem left thumbnail
The Sky thumbnail
The Sky
8B Boulder at The Sky
Plug and play thumbnail
Plug and play
7B+ Boulder at Plug n Play
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
No topo image available
Shadows of ourselves thumbnail
Death star  thumbnail
Death star
6C+ Boulder at Red Castle
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
51 is the new dead thumbnail
Hop Sing thumbnail
Hop Sing
7B+ Boulder at Hop Sing
Unomite  thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Sector 36
The Southern reach thumbnail
The power of bar one  thumbnail
Punter in Paradise  thumbnail
Punters in Parade  thumbnail
Paragon rating thumbnail
Wings hauser thumbnail
C. C. H. Pounder thumbnail
Rip Torn thumbnail
Rip Torn
3 Boulder at Paragon Rating
Stepin fetchit thumbnail
Armie Hammer thumbnail
Butterfly McQueen thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
No topo image available
The Hat Cling thumbnail

The area is access sensitive!


The farm Kleinfontein in the Rocklands area has new owners. Check the attached web address for detailed access information. Please note that we request climbers to report at the Owner when entering the property.